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About the IHB

The IHB is a powerful embedded board, designed to be part of the CySkin system or used as a generic construction block for your embedded application.

CySkin is managed by a network of Intelligent Hub Boards (IHBs) integrating a microcontroller and a CAN bus controller/transceiver on the same small form factor PCB. The IHB is a general purpose software and hardware programmable board based on a Programmable System on Chip (PSoC® Cypress) embedding an ARM CORTEX-M3, high-performance analog peripherals and PLD-based logic.

We are currently working on developing additional extension boards.

IHB Euro

Main Features

  • Embedded System Design. IHB has been designed for the seamless integration with already existing platforms.
  • Hardware programmability. Digital and analog peripherals can be created to adapt the board to the application requirements.
  • Extendible functionality through piggy-back extension boards.
  • Focused on control. Interface and piggy-back connectors, a powerful microcontroller and the CAN bus can be jointly used to implement sensor (tactile) based motion control.
  • CAN Bootloader. The IHB Firmware can be in-field upgraded using the provided CAN bus based bootloader.
  • ROS ready. The IHB peripherals can be exported and configured on the fly on ROS.


Dimension: 23×18 mm
Power Supply: 3.3-17 V
Interface: 2x 8pin connectors (6 general purpose + 2 3.3V power supply), 2x 30pin piggy-back connectors for expansion board, 1x 6pin connector for programming/debugging
Communication Protocol: CAN bus
Integrated Transceiver: Yes
Microcontroller core: ARM CORTEX-M3
Max. Operating frequency: 64MHz
Flash memory: 128 KB
ADC: 1x 12bit SAR
DAC: 2
Op-Amp: 2
Comparator: 4


Expansion Boards

We are working to provide expansion boards for many different extra functionalities. Currently we have a stepper control board (MCB-STB) and a break out board (BOB) to interface the IHB with your hardware or for debug purpose.

Stepper Control Board (MCB-STP)

The Stepper Control Board (MCB-STP) extends the functionality of IHB providing a bipolar stepper motor driver. The board can deliver 1.5A per coil (up to 2.2A with proper additional cooling), acquire signals from an incremental encoder and measure currents flowing in each phase. Additional boards can be stacked with a single IHB impementing a compact and embeddable multi-axis stepper motor control system.

MCB-STP & IHB Stacked

MCB-STP Stacked

Power Out Board (POB)

Power requirements for the system are guaranteed by the Power Out Board (POB) that is able to provide stable current to the IHB Boards from an input voltage ranging between 6V and 24V. Each POB board provide a daisy chain connection to a CAN Bus to provide connectivity up to 8 differente IHB.

  • Input Voltage: 6V – 24V
  • Output Voltage: 5V
  • Output Current: 2A


Break Out Board (BOB)

Additional I/O can be accessed during development using a break out board. The board size can be reduced by cutting parts that are not needed.


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