The finger for textile manipulation tasks

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About the CPM-Finger

The CPM-Finger is a multi-modal sensors for robotic applications.

Outcome of the European Project CloPeMa, CPM-Finger is a multi-modal tactile sensor for robotic grippers especially designed for clothes perception and manipulation. On the same device, 16 pressure sensors, a smd microphone and a proximity and ambient light sensor are integrated. All the sensors are locally managed by a dedicated microcontroller and measurements are transferred on a serial communication channel.

CPM-Finger Top & Bottom

Main Features

  • 16 individual pressure sensors. CMP-Finger allows a fine control of the exerted force on the manipulated object.
  • SMD Microphone. The sound produced during manipulation can be recorded and processed. Different materials produce different sounds when manipulated. The raw data opportunely processed can be used for object classification.
  • Ambient light and proximity sensor. Proximity sensor detects objects in the range of grap. The ambient light sensor captures the light reflected by the manipulated object providing additional information for object classification.
  • In-Field upgradability. The CMP-Finger firmware can be updated using the same communication channel for data acquisition.
  • Tactile-based gripper control. CMP-Finger + IHB + Motor control Extension Board can be interconnected to implement tactile driven motion control, as we did in CloPeMa.
  • ROS ready. The CPM-Finger can be used and configured on ROS.

CPM-Finger Depicted


  • Pressure sensor:
    • 16 individual sensors providing 16bit measurements
    • 4mm pitch between sensors
    • Sensitive area: 247 mm2
    • Sampling Frequency: 37 Hz
    • Equivalent Force resolution and precision: 0.1N ± 0.5N
  • Microphone:
    • 8-bit@30KHz
    • Audio samples are locally buffered and streamed in frames to the host PC. No limit is imposed by
      the sensor on the audio recording length
  • Proximity and Ambient Light sensor:  Vishay VCNL4000
  • Size: 50 x 27 mm
  • Communication channel: I2C
  • Operating voltage: 5V

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